Consulting and ordering

Consulting and ordering

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Jam Greenhouse started operating in 2017 with the aim of providing fast and quality flowers and houseplants, cactus in all types, sizes, and numbers, as well as other gardening necessities for export.
Now, this online store has been able to meet the needs of your flowers and plants with more than dozens of different types of products, including houseplants, all kinds of enhancers and fertilizers for flowers and plants, and all kinds of soils for flowers and Cacti. The mission of Jam Greenhouse is to satisfy customers.
Make your home and work green with us!Make your home and work green with us!

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Croton plant

Diphenbakhia plant

Censoria plant

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Croton plant-CustomAvailableCall
Zamophilia plant-CustomAvailableCall
Censoria plant-CustomAvailableCall

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